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Uncontested Vs. Contested

An uncontested divorce occurs if both spouses agree that the marriage is to end and come to a mutually satisfying agreement regarding the final divorce settlement. In an uncontested divorce the couple is able to come to an agreement on issues such as property division, child support, spousal support and any other financial matters.

An uncontested divorce is the fastest and most cost effective way to obtain a divorce. A contested divorce is one in which the husband and wife cannot come to an agreement on one or several issues related to the termination of their marriage. Some common issues are: custody of children and child support, division of assets and property, allocation of debts and alimony.

Child Custody & Support

The sole consideration of the court in determining child custody arrangements is the best interest of the child. In determining that, the court shall consider: (1) The wishes of the child if the child is of sufficient age and capacity to form an intelligent preference as to his custody; (2) Any nomination by a parent or a guardian for the child; and (3) Whether either parent or any other person seeking custody has engaged in an act of domestic violence.

In order to receive child support it must be alleged in the complaint and the court must then determine what parent has responsibility to pay the support. We can help!

Divorce Process

We at Ballstaedt Law Firm believe that most contested divorces can be settled through mediation if handled properly in the beginning. We strive to give families the foundation they'll need to move on with their lives, giving them a fresh start. We do this through the mediation process which allows families to create a parenting plan when there are children involved and divide property when assets are the issue.

If mediation is unsuccessful, we take a more aggressive approach. In any case, we will always strive to meet your families' needs. Ballstaedt Law Firm offers payment plans to suit your financial situation and 2 Locations in the Las Vegas Valley.

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Brittney Salvatore
Attorney Brittney Salvatore and her assistant Peggy Glover worked wonders in handling may case. I've been able to trust that they are taking care of business. My business!
-Actual Client
Brittney Salvatore
Ms. Salvatore and the staff at Ballstaedt Law Firm provided me with a great understanding of my divorce procedures and guided me through every step along the way. Ms. Salvatore was very professional and represented me well in court. I was very pleased with the outcome.
-Actual Client
Brittney Salvatore
I would recommend this law firm to anyone. I've looked all over for a good lawyer that wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg and thought I'd give this place a try. The staff were friendly and sensitive to my situation and the attorney was very knowledgeable and helpful. The service was great. Very quickly done and painless.
-Actual Client
Brittney Salvatore
This is a very professional and articulate law firm they took care of my divorce with professionalism. Ms. Salvatori was very professional And knowledgeable.
-Actual Client


Brittney Salvatore, Esq.

Ms. Salvatore attended Santa Clara University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. She continued on to earn her J.D. from Santa Clara University’s School of Law in 2011. While in law school, she was awarded the Leon Panetta research fellowship, served as an editor on the Journal of International Law, served as a judicial extern in District Court and was the benefit chair for the Women & Law organization.  
Ms. Salvatore brings a personal touch to her divorce cases by always making her clients feel comfortable even during very stressful and emotional times. She enjoys using her skills and knowledge to help those that are in tough situations. Ms. Salvatore is licensed to practice law in both Nevada and California.  

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